About Me

I am an assistant lecturer in the School of Informatics and Creative Arts – Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. I teach a combination of practical and theoretical modules including web design, multimedia, mobile application development, graphic design, 3D modelling, and media studies theory (the social context of technology and the creative industries). My duties also include the supervision of practice-based research projects and dissertations.

I am also a PhD candidate in the School of Culture and Communication in the University of Melbourne. My thesis is entitled Rethinking Urban Space Through Mediated Performance and it investigates emerging patterns of social interaction in the contemporary mediated city through an analysis of participatory art performances. It includes field research on A Machine To See With, a project by British artist collective Blast Theory. I am currently revising the final draft of my thesis and my expected submission date is March, 2015.

I have previous work experience as a web designer for London-based web design agencies and as a video producer and facilitator. As a freelancer I have produced commercial websites, the website for an academic journal and I have filmed and edited a documentary for the Earagail Arts Festival.

My previous teaching experience includes the coordination of a major undergraduate subject (Net Communication) in the University of Melbourne for a cohort of two hundred and sixty students, where my duties included the preparation and delivery of lectures and tutorials, tutor coordination and student administration. I have also supervised final year group projects at Masters level in Trinity College Dublin that involved the development and delivery of mobile phone apps, interactive installations and web interfaces.

My research interests include media and communication studies, new media, Internet studies, performative arts, interactive design, urban studies and science, technology and society studies (STS).


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