How to ensure robots behave nicely in the city

This is a short article I wrote back in July for RTE Brainstorm on the increasing role of robots and bots in everyday urban life, using Amazon Go and China’s Social Credit System project to describe some of the current and future outcomes and to discuss the ethical issues. Click on the link below to access it (open access):

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.26.45.png

By Marcos Dias

I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Communications, Dublin City University. I completed a PhD in Media Studies in the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2015 and I also hold a MSc with Distinction in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College Dublin. My main research investigates the social and spatial impact of digital technologies in the contemporary mediated city.

In my book The Machinic City: Media, Performance and Participation (Manchester University Press, 2021), I investigate the potential of performance art to help us reflect on contemporary urban living and its assemblages of human and machine agency.

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